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Oct 23, 2020

Grant Kolton is an animator, director, writer, and so much more that my fingers might fall off if I type it all out. I discovered  Grant on Instagram while going down the animation hashtag rabbit hole. His animations first caught my eye through their loose yet controlled style. When I dove in deeper, I fell in love with his stories. They are dark, twisted, hilarious, and at times poignant. In this episode, we talk about pitching TV shows, developing shorts for FX's CAKE!, and his new animated short KILL YOUR IDIOMS (out now on Vimeo).

You can follow Grant on Instagram (@grantkoltoons), Vimeo, & Twitter (@grantkolton)


Show Notes

Kill Your Idioms Short

Black Hole Apartment Short for CAKE!

Grant's Vimeo

Grant's Website

Grant's Instagram @grantkoltoons

Grant's Twitter @GrantKolton

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