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Jul 6, 2022

Jimmy Aquino is the host of the popular podcast Comic News Insider. He has been interviewing comic creators, actors, and all things pop culture since 2005. In this interview, Jimmy and I talk about MoCCA Fest 2022, his start in podcasting, and strange things that happen in New York.

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Mar 18, 2022

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This episode I'm talking to writer Steve Orlando. Steve is best known for his work in comics. He has written for Batman, Wonder Woman, and most recently Loaded Bibleā€”the Tim Seeley series first released in 2006 with Image Comics.

Steve is an amazing writer and advocate for bringing new voices and...

Aug 31, 2021

Gemma Files is a Canadian horror writer, journalist and film critic. I met Gemma when I was moderating a virtual panel for Fangoria. She's smart, funny, and knows her horror! In this episode, we discuss her latest horror anthology In That Endlessness, Our End, how publishing has changed over time, and her past job as a...

Feb 19, 2021

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Jane Friedman is the author of The Business of Being a Writer. With over 20 years of experience in publishing, she is an expert in business strategies for writers. I discovered Jane's work through her blog years ago when I was about to publish my first book with HarperCollins. Her site was the only...

Dec 4, 2020

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Clay McLeod Chapman is one of my favorite writers. His stories are weird, wonderful, and creepy. I first discovered his writing through past guest Glenn McQuaid (ep 132) as I was binging Tales from Beyond the Pale. Clay's episode The Mattress King will make your...